Friday, August 22, 2008

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

On my to do list:

1. Win this adorable dress, as seen in all it's glory, here.

That's it. That's all I have to do this week. Let's see if I can get it done.

Not really. See what I'm currently working on, here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Night at the State Fair

On Monday night for FHE, we surprised the kids at went to the State Fair. The kids had a ball: riding the carnival rides, looking at the animals, eating treats, watching the chinese acrobats perform, taking in all the sights and using all their senses!

Ryan found a promotional thing on their website where you can get 3 free ride vouchers if your child reads (or draws a picture of) 3 books. You can find it here. You can't use it on the "big" rides though.

This was the first year Big D has gone on the "big" rides. I thought for sure he was going to toss his cookies, but he was okay. He was so proud of himself. He even went on the big roller coaster.

Miss P was unsure about it all in the beginning, but squealed with delight when she saw these Care Bears!

O-dog is in the forced smile phase. But still cute! He couldn't get enough of the roller coasters and was so mad he was too little to go on the big one with Ryan and Big D.

I wish I had more pictures, but I forgot to charge the battery so the camera died halfway through the evening. On our way out we each got to pick a treat. The kids got ice cream. Old traditions die hard and I had to have a warm funnel cake with strawberries on top! Then I made Ryan buy me some cotton candy.

The end.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Google Tagged

Lisa tagged me a while back and I am finally getting to it. I will be updating our blog with our summer happenings, sometime soon. With 2 camping trips back to back, sick children, school starting and then Joy school starting: with me teaching this week, I have been pretty busy!

So here it is. I guess I was supposed to find pictures for all my answers from the first page of Google images, but I cheated a bit and typed in my keywords several times until I found something on the first page that I could use.


Favorite Food?

I love Mexican food. I could eat it everyday!

First Job?

I considered photoshopping my face onto hers, but would that be breaking the rules? Yes, I was once a carnie. I was 14 and worked at the State Fair. Our trailer looked very much like this one. I met some really "interesting" people those 2 summers. It was so fun! I used to make cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, etc. We used to make caramel popcorn with the leftover caramel from the caramel apples, I love Fair Food!


Betcha never would have guessed that one!

Where were you born?

This is beautiful Penticton , British Columbia. I can hear you now....She's a Canadian, EH?!!! Yes, that's right folks, I am a Cannuck. We moved to "The States" when I was 2.

Bad Habit?

The real reason I haven't been blogging............

College degree?

Wow. See that?

Bad Habit: Procrastination.
College degree: ... Someday.
I have no words.

Where I want to go?

The fabric store. Without my children. I could spend hours and hours there, matching up fabrics and planning new projects. Sadly, this almost never happens.

Favorite Place?

This is McWay falls in Big Sur. The beautiful beach is off limits to people. Isn't it dreamy? We were supposed to go camping there 2 weeks ago, but with the fires in Big Sur we had to change plans. I love, love, love Big Sur!

Favorite color?

I love almost all shades of blue/green. And who doesn't love polka dots??????

Favorite Animal?

In 8 weeks we hope to have a new daschund puppy!

Past Love?

I feel like I am copying you Lisa, but I'm really not. I had a major crush on "Bailey"for like 3 years. Oh, that smile and those eyes! Anyone want to have a White Squall viewing party? I own it ....on tape.

What I'm doing now?

Like I don't have enough to do already!

Where I live?

In a little house. But if the economy doesn't change soon, it'll be ... in a van down by the river

Favorite Object?

Mine looks "slightly" different though.

Grandmother's name?

How could I choose only one? When I typed in "Ruth and Mary" these lovely ladies popped up. Both my grandma's have passed on to the next life...

Do you think the one on the right looks like Katie Holmes? I do.


...and loving it!

Dang this took a long time! I tag Shannon, Heidi and Chelsea. I would totally understand if you didn't do it though.