Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Lesson

What would you do with a "yellow ball"?
She stuck it up her nose.

And then she cried.

And then mommy finally got it out.

Mommy: Miss P, do we put things up our nose?

Miss P: No, dat not good.

My Little Nerd

Last week Big D participated in a mental math bowl with several schools from the area. He didn't win, but did walk away with some amazing parting gifts: a participant ribbon, 2 pencils and a chip clip/magnet (both labeled Chapman University, the sponsor) Whoot Whoot!

He's already got his eye on next years "Gold" Medal.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Amatuer Photo Shoot

Oops! We totally forgot to get our mom's anything for Mother's Day, so the next day we took the kids out to the fields around our house and snapped a few dozen pictures. We were literally out there 5 minutes. Our next stop was Costco. Crossed our fingers we actually got something we could use. (If not, then we would have made a stop at the mall -bleck!) Luckily we got a few that were usable. We blew up a few of the shots to 8X10's and ran over to Aaron Brother's for a frame. An hour later we were at Ryan's mom's doorstep with a fabulous Mother's Day gift.
Mom, if you're reading this, I'll send you a picture of the whole family. I know that's what you really want!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had the BEST Mother's day. See for yourself:

Breakfast in bed: check (This isn't really my breakfast... I ate it too fast to take a picture!)

Cute homemade cards from loving children: check

Handmade gift from school-age child: check

A long-stemmed rose from church: check

An afternoon catnap: check (no picture necessary)
I get to go pick out a new purse, guilt free! (thanks, Ry!)
And I get to pick something out from here. (thanks, Cathy and Paul!)


O-Dog graduated from his Joy School group last week. The boys were all so adorable in their cap and gown.

He's come a long way! When we started he was not quite 3, still not potty trained and the youngest of the group. Thanks to all our Joy School Mama's for your patience! I can't believe he's starting Kindergarten in the fall!
Miss P can't wait to go to Joy School too!


I know it's late, as usual, but I wanted to post some pics from Easter.
The baskets: we usually try to keep it religious, this year I had a hard time finding things for the younger ones, so I rationalized it by saying it was for the church bag. Except for the Leapster game, I just gave in on that one.

Big D: Notice the nice new CTR ring: it lasted 2 days. We have yet to find it.
O-Dog: Could that smile be any faker????

Miss P: "Like this, Dad?"

After church we enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt in the tall grass, ate too much candy and visited with family.

Family pictures and a Wedding

Family pictures are hard for our family, as I'm sure they are for lots of families, so I have to take advantage of a good situation when it comes along.

Ryan's cousin getting married (in March)
beautiful temple grounds
new easter clothes
lots of helpful hands
some pretty decent family pictures

The bride and groom weren't too shabby either.