Thursday, September 25, 2008

Donner State Park

(Oh boy, am I behind here! This trip was in the begining of August right before school started.)

Four days after getting home from Van Damme, the kids and I packed our bags and car again and headed up I-80 to Donner Lake with some friends from our ward. It was a little warmer than I like, but we did have the lake to cool us down. It was a huge campground and the kids had lots of fun climbing on the big rock, riding their bikes, fishing, and swimming.

Miss P had a touch of the flu, but not too badly that we couldn't still enjoy ourselves. If it had been really bad I would have packed up and gone home.

Everyone was assigned a meal so we only had to cook once, which is the best way to camp with a group! I made pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob and dutch oven potatoes. I though it turned out good except that I started making it a little later than I wanted so we ended up eating later than expected. Sorry to those starving little children!

Here are some pictures from the trip:

If you look closely you can see O-Dog in the middle of the boat and Big D's face on the left side of the picture.

Miss P loves playing in the dirt.

The day after we got home O-Dog got the flu and it hit him hard! He threw up nearly all day and his already little body was skin and bones. I felt so bad for him!

The next Monday Big D started the 3rd grade. Thanks to Grandma Lewis he was able to do it in style. She and Aunt Carrie took him shopping for special Back to School clothes. Thanks guys!