Thursday, March 26, 2009

Night Terrors

The past several nights O-Dog has been suffering from night terrors. I remember Big D having them around this same age so I knew what it was, but it doesn't make it any easier.

He wakes up crying and he is usually standing next to his bed or sitting up. When I approach him he tries to get away from me and looks at me like I have bugs crawling on my face or like he is looking right through me. I can feel his little heart beating out of his chest. The whole time he is crying, it is not like a little owiee cry, it is a terrified cry. It takes him a while to calm down and by then it has woken up Big D too. Last night when it happened Ryan wasn't home and he had the worst one so far. Big D was really worried about him and was nearly in tears about it all. If you know Big D at all, you know that he is very sensitive to others feelings.(at times)

Last night it was a total of 3 times. Between his night terrors and Miss P's nightly cry when she has to go potty, I am drained. I need a nap.

I don't know how many more nights of this I can handle.

Of course he remembers nothing of it all, so the next morning when I ask him why he was crying he says, "I wasn't crying."

I am tempted to video him, just so I have the proof.


Misty said...

Isabella goes through this and remembers having bad dreams. We brainstorm ideas on what good things to dream about every night. It seems to help.

One night Isabella even slept walked to the bathroom and tried to get into the bathtub.

It is VERY freaky! It is nice to know that she isn't the only one!!!

Julie said...

Poor O-Dog. You must be exhausted! I wish I had words of wisdom, but I haven't gone thru that yet....give me a few years and I might be calling your for advise with that!

The Patins said...

That's so sad, but at least he doesn't remember them. Hope tonight's better!

Laurie said...

Been no fun Ana had them the worst she had weird spinning things that would hurt her.. then Nolan was the next bad.. he was always terrified.. Hope it passes soon for you. My kids seemed to get sick or have them after being sick.

Autumn Moses said...

As a Mommy, I think the hardest part is that you can't really control it or do anything about it. We always want to make things better, so it's got to be not just exhausting physically, but emotionally too! We hope things get better soon!

cherchristensen said...

Poor thing... Callie used to have them, but I haven't experienced them with Hayden yet - I hope I don't!