Monday, June 8, 2009


Today my kids were driving me crazy.
I sent them outside to play.
An hour later I took out the teepee that I made for them for Christmas.
Another hour later I made them lunch

I took it out to them for a picnic
They called me cool and said it rocked!

That was today.
They have been out there for 4 hours so far and no fighting! And yes, don't judge: the boys are still in their jammies. It's summer!


CarrieLynn said...

I just LOVE these kids! They are too funny. Congrats to them on not fighting! That's great!

Shannon said...

And so summer are a cool mom....a teepee...that's cool!!

The Fishers said...

Them being in their jammies was the first thing I noticed. We haven't seen you in forever. How's that baby coming along?

Laura C. said...

Any time you can get the kids out of your hair and keep them happy - ROCKS!

Danielle said...

hey I come home from anything - shopping work etc and put my jammie pants on everyday they are just comfortable

Julie said...

They look like they are having a blast!!! Fun in the summer time!

kristin said...

I hear you on the jammies! My boys often don't even get dressed for the day, other than having to change into clean underwear cause that's just GROSS. Why bother you know? That's what's fun about summer- no schedule, you can do what you want, and just relax! And to add no fighting to that? Well, that's just HEAVEN!!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

You ARE cool! How the heck do you make a teepee?!