Thursday, September 24, 2009


O-dog is playing soccer for the first time this year and it's so fun and funny to watch him and all his buddies. Most of the kids are from our ward, our old joy school group and in the same kindergarten class, so they know each other well! It's nice to go as a family and support him. At least their games are pretty quick - not like baseball season!


Julie said...

They are the cutest team! The pics turned out really good. I want to go to another game! Go O-Dog!!!!

CarrieLynn said...

I love going to his games! He is so fun to watch. He is such a great little runner so I think that soccer is right up his alley.

The Patins said...

I love watching the young kids run around chasing the ball that never makes it to the goal. Wish I could be there.