Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kindergarten Advancement

This morning was O-Dog's Kindergarten Advancement Celebration. That's fancy talk for graduation. Whatever. It was cute.

They sang a few songs and got a certificate.

This group has been together for the past 3 years (JOY School and Kindergarten).

First grade: here comes trouble!


Rochelle said...

So cute! You will have two in all day school! Yay!

Michelle and Nathan said...

Daniel is missing from that picture! It makes me sad that he's not part of that group at school. Hopefully they'll be reunited at soccer! Congrats to the Grad.

kristin said...

I didn't realize you got a picture of the group!! How super cute! I took pictures as well but have yet to post them:) Way to be on top of it!

ken.reed said...

Hey Steph, this is Julie...not Ken. haha
I am so proud of Owen. Let him know that his Aunt Julie and Uncle Brian love him very much!

Autumn Moses said...

So cute! Congrats Owen!