Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mmmm Mmmmm Good!

I have really been on a kick lately to try new recipes and I found this blog called Picky Palate via Kristen's blog. Speaking of Kristen, if you have a strong stomach check out her nursing school experiences at her other blog, Kristen's Daily Dose. She is a strong person, that's all I'll say about it here. Okay, so I was first "introduced" to Jenny Flake on a Food Network Challenge in the fall and then Kristen had her blog listed, lo and behold it was the lady with the "uncooked chicken". (Man, I felt so bad for her!) Since then, I have made several of her recipes. She and I seem to have very similar tastes in food. Pretty much 99% of the stuff she blogs about I want to make. So, 2 nights ago for dinner I made the "Crispy Southwest Chicken Wontons". Typical me, I cannot make a recipe without changing something. I added a can of drained black beans, 1 cup of corn, substituted my own cooked/chopped chicken for the canned and omitted the ranch dressing . It turned out so yummy! Similiar to Claim Jumpers Southwest Eggroll Appetizer. Now if I could get the recipe to their dipping sauce ........ Here's the picture from her blog:

A few of Jenny's other recipes that I have tried are:

Chicken Peanut Thai Noodles

Cheesy Stufffed Baked Ziti

Creamy Chicken Italiano

There are so many more I want to try! She also has great pictures of every recipe and for me this is a must since I like to know what it's going to look like at the end. So go to her blog. Pick a recipe. Make it. Eat it up. Go back and tell her how great it is.


*All the photos used for this post are from Jenny's blog. What a talented lady!


Catherine Bitter said...

Wow, looks yummy! I wish I liked to cook, I just like to eat. So you're a blog-stalker, huh....I totally am. How did you find mine?? Are you Stephanie Moses?? Not sure....Thanks for the link to my photo blog, you're awesome!

Stephanie said...

Hi Catherine, yup that's me! I found you through a link on Tierra's blog, who I knew from high school. I actually know a lot of the people in your ward! It has been fun to see all these people I lost track of through the years.

Rose said...

Yummm, those pictures are mouth watering! Thanks for the pattern for the headband...I'm going to give it a shot;)

Dan and Janay said...

in response to your comment, the Universal trip was fine. I was nervous about the rain, but it was nice and sunny.
P.S. Do you love that I spelled Dora, Doria. But I must say I have a good excuse. I did have a companion with the last name Doria.

PPS Thanks for having me over, I had a great time, and it was nice to get to know Amee. (That's how she spells it right?

Misty said...

I miss coming over to your place for dinner. You are an amazing cook. What I remember the most is your California Pizza Kitchen re-makes...delicious! =)