Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Fallout

We woke up bright and early this morning to the smell of puke eminating from Miss P and O-Dog's room. Miss P is still fast asleep but as I creep closer, I notice IT. Poor littly chicky. Got her all cleaned up and she's acting fine now. Hopefully it was a onetime thing, but to be sure I guess we will be hanging out at home today. Bummer!

We did have a nice Valentine's day though. Ryan got me 2 dozen roses on Wednesday, I love having fresh flowers in the house! I invited Janay and Amee over to make chocolate covered strawberries during the day. It was nice to sit and get to know each other better and the berries turned out beautifully. We had a house full of kiddos and they were on a bit of a sugar-high from the parties at school. For dinner I made teriyaki chicken, fresh green beans, and for dessert - the berries.

I still have to get Ryan's gift, a new pillow. He really needs one (Especially since I threw Miss P's away this morning and gave her his.) There's just no way to fully clean a barfy pillow. Hopefully we'll be going to Costco tonight where he can pick one out. I need laundry soap too, since I used the very last of it to wash Miss P's sheets and I still have a pile of laundry to do.

I just had to share this photo of O-Dog wearing this hat he made at joy school. He wore it practically all day. I just love the "antlers". He looks like a little love bug!

Okay, so that's my post for the day! Kind of a boring one, sorry!


Danielle said...

oh yuck that just stinks hope she is feeling better

Tbone said...

Hey, thanks for posting on our blog. Sorry to hear about the puke. I like the nicknames y'all gave your kids. Funny stuff. You are granted 5 cool points. You will now be linked on our blog. Congratulations.

Dan and Janay said...

WOW, those strawberries sure look YUMMY!!!!!


kristin said...

Can I hire you to cook for me? I'm completely serious! I love to eat but DETEST cooking. You're so talented!

Misty said...

There is nothing worse than puking kids! Nothing ever prepares you for that!

Love the strawberries. Yummy!

heather said...

Mmmmm...chocolate covered strawberries! Just wanted to say thanks for the free advertising. I appreciate all that I can get! :)
Have a great day.