Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So much for the downhill.

Big-D's school just called. He threw up. On the playground. Ewwwww! At least it wasn't in the classroom. Nothin' more embarassing than being remembered as the kid who barfed in class.

Okay, so he complained this morning that his stomach hurt. I assumed he didn't want to go to school since he has been at home for the past 4 days watching tv, playing the Wii, on the computer, and playing his DS. What 8 year old kid would leave that to go to school? I made him breakfast and sent him off to school.

My mistake. But in all fairness, might I remind you that I have spent the last 4 days nursing sick people back to health. Wack-o, I tell you! I am going Wack-o!


Misty said...

Ahhh...poor guy. I hate throwing up in public! Well, I hate throwing up period. I know a lot of people who have this flu right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Laurie said...

Gabe went to sleep after school, didn't eat dinner..says his stomach hurts too...uh oh..