Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Family Blog

I am Stephanie, Mom to "Big D" who is 8, "O-dog" who is 3, and "Miss P" who is 1. I am married to Ryan, my best-est friend. In addition to not posting regularly on my other blog, I will now promise to not post regularly on this one. Actually, I am hoping to make this my family blog and yepadoodle will become by blossoming business blog. So once I figure out how to do this, I will post an obnoxious number of pics of my kids and show you what we've been doing lately.


Dan and Janay said...

you sure are a funny girl!!!! I loved your blog. And even more, I love all your crafty ideas (the v-day fortune cookie...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!)
I think I need to come over and take notes on your daily crafty ideas! Or maybe you need to get your own TV show (since there aren't any good shows, do to the writters strike. Except for American Idol, nothing can beat that!)like Martha Stewart, you could build a huge empire and become Rich and Famous (But try not to do the Jail thing like Martha Stewart! That would be kinda weird!) Can't wait to see your next crafty idea.