Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Suds

Anyone seen that Spongebob episode where he gets "the suds" after leaving the refrigerator door open all night? It's pretty funny.
Actually having "the suds" is definitely not funny. Having a houseful of people that have "the suds" is most definitely the unfunniest thing EVER! Trust me I would know. Because we have not left the house for 4 days. 4 days nursing sick people back to health with no break can drive a person Wack-o! Again, I would know.
It seems though that we are on the downhill now. Yesterday, Ryan went back to work. Today, Big-D was back to school. Things are looking up!


kristin said...

Okay--Funniest episode ever! We are such sponge bob freaks at my house. Though it isn't my choice. You are so funny! Wack-0 should be an actual diagnose, or at least a word in the dictionary. I might at least feel justified in my insane-ness!

Laurie said...

Ana missed 5 days of school, gabe and Nolan just major fevers and coughs for ana gabe leah and Nolan..Ben and I ..we're ok for Guess this Flu is pretty bad.. Fevers were like 103 ish.