Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

Spring Break is here and I thought I would share what we've been doing. Monday morning I decided I couldn't wait any longer to give the boys haircuts. O-Dog always cries, he hates it! When I was trimming around his ears he turned his head a bit and I shaved a little too much. Oops! Hopefully is grows out a little before I get their pictures taken this week.

After haircuts we made a picnic and set up the teepee I made them for Christmas. Since we have zero shade in the backyard it's nice to have a little place to hide away. Miss P was napping, so no pics of her.

Big D is such a great big brother.......most of the time. They were so fun to watch eating their lunch and having fun together. As soon as I walked away though, all heck broke loose. They spilled a drink, and started fighting. Typical.

Then today we drove to Folsom and took a walk from Sutter Street in Old Folsom down the bike path and over to the Trussle Bridge. The kids liked walking across the bridge. O-Dog was a little hesitant, he kept saying he was going to fall in and die. We saw a kayak coming up the river and they thought that was neat. It was such a nice day for a walk. Beautiful weather and the kids were getting along so that means....... peace. When there is peace mom is happy.

This is Big D explaining the "rules" of the bike path to O-Dog.

The Trussle Bridge is behind them.

On the way back Big D saw this cool rock wall and decided it was a good spot for a brotherly photo op.

After our walk we drove over to the park by the Folsom Zoo and met our friends for a picnic lunch. We played at the park, rode the train and went to explore the new Folsom Library. Wow, it was soooo nice. They even had a fireplace in the reading room!

Here are some pics from the park and train:

The big boys are too cool to sit with their moms!

Our friends! Thanks for meeting us, we had fun!


Kristen said...

Looks like you have been having a fun Spring Break. Looking at your pictures of your outing makes me homesick.

Tbone said...

Gosh, seeing your boys having so much fun makes me want to be a little boy again! (Ellen would tell you I am a still a little boy inside, but a very Big guy on the outside)

Laura C. said...

Looks like you had some fun days! I should take my kids out more often... Oh yea, but I'm dealing with a 3y.o. who won't follow rules and prefers to ignore everything mommy says. Maybe in a few years...

Danielle said...

your boys are really cute - i like thier haircuts too you did a good job

Dan and Janay said...

Tender moments by the lewis family!

Dan and Janay said...

so i'm lame. I've been waiting for you to put up a new blog, but then realized you've been blogging, but not on this blog, on your crafty one. Lame-o me

The Patins said...

i just noticed that allen and i took engagement pics in front of those same rocks that d and o are in front of, weird!

The Patins said...

i just noticed that allen and i took engagement pics in front of those same rocks that d and o are in front of, weird!